Rishikesh is the most famous spot for rafting in North-India because the Ganga provides the ultimate thrill and adrenaline rush. Rafting in Rishikesh offers you with variety of rapids of all grades i.e. 1 to 4.

The split of the activity is divided in four parts:
Brahmapuri (9kms): It is the shortest rafting route and starts from Brahmapuri and ends at Rishikesh. Rafting on this route offers you rapids like Sweet 16 and Hilton which are of grade 1 and 2.
Shivpuri (16kms): This route offers ultimate fun and thrill and has 9 rapids like Golf Course, T-off, Roller Coaster. This is the busiest route of all routes and starts from Shivpuri and ends at Neem Beech.
Marine drive (25kms): This range has grade 3 and 4 rapids which require a lot of maneuvering and precision to cross them. Rapids like Cross-Fire, Club House, Double-Trouble will create a lot of trouble in rowing your boat and provides a next level of thrill and fun.
Kaudiyala (34 kms): The toughest rapids are part of this stretch. Rapids like the Wall, Daniel’s-Dip, Golf-Course 2, Roller-Coaster 2, which are of grade 4+. Rafting on this stretch requires a lot of experience and energy. This is specifically recommended for highly experienced rafters.

Kunjapuri Sunrise & Downhill Trek

Experience the tranquility at its best while trekking downhill from Kunjapuri to Rishikesh after spending an amazing time looking at the snow cladded Himalayan mountain ranges and the famous Kunjapuri temple.
Kunjapuri Temple is situated at a height of 1650m above sea level and is one of the ‘Shakti Peeth’ among the 52 peeths.
Start early morning around 4 am from the hostel and drive to the temple. One can enjoy high mountain ranges like Swarga Rohini, Gangotri, Banderpunch and Chaukhamba.
After spending quality time at the temple and witnessing sunrise, we will start a 15km long trek to rishikesh.
Passing through nearby villages, paddy fields, forests and valley, you would be getting a good chance to see Himalayan wildlife like Barking deer, Leopard, besides different birds.
The experience comes to an end at the Neer Waterfall, where you can relax and unwind for a while for 1 km more to get picked up in the vehicle which will drop you at the hostel.

Market Tour with Ganga Aarti

Rishikesh is a vibrant city, full of history, mythology and adventure. People from different age groups visit this place for different reasons. But any trip to Rishikesh is incomplete without witnessing the beautiful Ganga Aarti at the ghat. At hashtag, we intend to provide this beautiful experience to our guests. We take you on a Market Trip where you can see the true colors of rishikesh, the temples and famous structures like Laksham Jhula, Ram Jhula, which are counted among the oldest suspension bridges in India. This trip would end at ghat where you can relax, witness the bright Ganga Aarti and lost yourself in the chants and hymms.

Communal Meals -Lunch/Dinner

It is said ‘Communication must be HOT: i.e. honest, open and two-way’. We thus provide a relaxing environment where people can spend time together and interact with each other. What could be best than connecting over Food? We provide donation based meals for our guests where they can chit chat and spend some quality time together.

Beach Visit

What could be better than getting a Goa experience in holy city Rishikesh? Yes, my dear friends, rishikesh is full of lovely and beautiful beaches where you can experience the waves of Ganga washing your feet. This experience is accompanied by our fellow singers and musicians.

Hostel Association Party

Channel your friendly nature in the hostel association party. Connect with people from different hostels in rishikesh and party harder. Enjoy the games, music, dance and food with so many different people coming from different countries and culture. You not only make new memories but also make new friends.

Movie Night

We all love movies, Hollywood or Bollywood. What is more beautiful than watching a movie under the open sky full of stars like we saw in the movie Swades. Yes, we provide you that mesmerizing open theatre experience at Hashtag. And watching Game of Thrones on the big screen under the stars, I am sure is icing over the cake.

Random Events Night

Channel your inner competitor and try your hands and luck at the different games and events that we organize for you during late evenings.